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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning offers wood floor cleaning (finished or unfinished, engineered or solid) system has been designed to not only clean and bring out your floors original luster with our special conditioner/cleaner, but we can also get out scuff marks, stains and most of the light surface scratches in your wood floors. (which if left untreated will eventually lead to your floors needing to be refinished)


Why Choose our Hardwood Floor Cleaning/Lite Surface Scratch Removal Process?

1. We have the tools, exclusive cleaners and conditioners along with many years of experience.

2. Stains a customer is unable to remove can over time in most cases discolor the wood as it slowly penetrates the protective finish, sometimes requiring a certain type of tool so as not to scratch or damage the infected area..

3. Scuff marks if not removed properly from the surface of the floor can cause damage to the surface of your wood floor. When we use the term "lite surface scratch" we do NOT mean indentations of any kind in the finish.

4. Lite surface scratches in solid or engineered wood floors that do not have professional periodic maintenance done on them will eventually lead to a costly refinishing

What happens when your wood floor gets a lite surface scratch, is you eventually get another one over the last one. Which we call (hence the term) "scratch over scratch"., That cuts through the protective finish and cause damage that only refinishing can remove.

Our system has been designed to help you from ever having a costly floor refinishing with periodic maintenance.

Keep in mind that engineered floors cannot be refinished or can only be refinished once. Since they are layers of veneer over pressed board.

All work performed by Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning comes with a 100% happiness guarantee.

Call Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning today at 206-567-3710 so we can take care of all your hardwood floor cleaning, all of our work comes with a 100% happiness guarantee.

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