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Proven 12 Tips to Keep Your Tiles Clean without any Professional help

Most home owners are very proud of their tile flooring. They are always expecting huge compliments. But, there is a catch. The tiles are highly susceptible to get filthy. So, it is better to take some precautionary measures.

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Here, I am sharing some tips that will help you keep your tiles clean. Have a look:

Tip 1:

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You need to seal the grout to fill the tiny pores in it. You may found it amusing, but such small holes are the biggest attraction for dirt and filth of all sorts. Most professional Tacoma carpet cleaners also recommend filling up of pores in grout. Once the pores are sealed, there is no room for dirt to get collected.

Tip 2:

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Usual sweeping is also highly recommended. I know it sounds quite basic, but many home owners even forget to sweep clean their tiles. This becomes more important in premises with high foot traffic.

Tip 3:

You should use floor mats or door mats to protect your tile floorings. This has nothing to with cleaning of tiles but it is a precautionary move. Mats are highly effective to catch dirt before they affect your tiles.

Tip 4:

While cleaning your tiles, it is highly recommended that you only use clean water. Try to avoid detergents as they may contain harmful chemicals.

Tip 5:

You must attend to spills with the right detergent and clean water. If delayed, spills may decolorize tiles.

Tip 6:

You must avoid sponge mops as they push liquid cleaner into the tiles. Anyway, tile grouts could get badly affected by this method.

Tip 7:

If you’re so keen on mopping the floor, you should change the mop water on regular basis. Dirty water could result in discoloration of tiles. I know that changing mop water frequently is tiring, but it is essential to keep your tiles clean and filth-free.

Tip 8:

You can use your humble toothbrush to clean tile grouts. I know it sounds hilarious but it is highly effective in battling minor blemishes on your tiles.

Tip 9:

If you’re planning to use a cleaner, go for a neutral one. The neutral ones have ph level of 7. So, next time you’re buying a cleaner, make sure to check the label for the neutral sign.

Tip 10:

Don’t even think about using bleach or vinegar in your tile cleaning regime. The reason behind shunning of bleach and vinegar is their corrosive nature. Still, vinegar is heavily used in many cleaning procedures. Still, I will strongly advocate against using vinegar in cleaning tile grouts.

Tip 11:

Scour pads are known to adversely affect tiles and grouts. Hence, I highly recommend abstaining from these pads to avoid scratches on tiles.

Tip 12:

If the grout is broken, replace it without any delay. You must contact a professional tile cleaners Seattle to do the job in an ideal manner.

Author Bio:

Greg Lucas is an expert on everything related to cleaning, be it carpet cleaning Seattle, water damage restoration, house cleaning, or anything else. He is also eager to share his knowledge on different ways to attain a blemish free home or office. Follow us to get cleaning related tips here: Carpet Cleaning Seattle by Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning

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