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Ideas to Decorate Your Wooden Floor

A home must be clean and attractive. There are many ways of making a home look amazing and one such way is attractive floor. Nowadays there is trend of wooden floors. People have many ideas of decorating it. People are adopting and choosing wooden floor because of its advantages. It keeps house warmth and looks different from normal houses .Especially places where the weather is colder; there is huge increment in the demand of wooden floors.

There are many ideas to decorate it. The most important and easy 5 ideas of making wooden floor attractive are-

Effective Color Of Wooden Floor

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The color of floor must be properly chosen. The color must contrast from the color of room because it looks rich. In this way the color of floor also highlights. Instead of light color you can go for a dark shade so that you can avoid stain. Size of room also plays an important role in selection of floor. A small room looks more charming in light color floor and vice versa.

Decoration In A Contemporary Style

decoration in a contempory style

It especially gives complement to light shades. Light wooden floor can be decorated with modern touch. You can add boarder colors with other decorative items like painting to make it look more elegant and enrich. A perfect combination of contemporary work is choosing natural color of wood with light painting in room. Especially zebrawood is used for this style.

Traditional Way Of Decoration

traditionalway of decoration

To give effect of tradition or to decorate it in traditional way you can go for dark and brighter shades of wood. Covering of wall can include wooden work with dark boarders on it. It also keeps dirt away. Another benefit of dark color is it needs less attention when it comes about cleaning it. It makes a room perfect and gives essence of traditional style. Cheery wood is used for traditional and formal touch.

Different Types Of Accessoires For Wood

different types of accessories for wood

To add flavor in decoration you can go for effective wood accessories. You can decorate your dining table with spoon, vessel etc made up of wood. Some wall hangings can also be used to make it look fantastic and unique. Like photo frames of wood or painting in wood cardboard, etc

Basic Idea TO Decorate Is Avoiding Stain-

Either use stainless color or make a habit of cleaning it. Try to make your wood items stainless. Use complementary colors to give wonderful effect. Other than these basic and effective five ideas there are some more small but notable points which will help you in decorating your wooden floor. They are-
• Use detergent and if there is sticky satin use cleaner from time to time to remove it.

• Try to cover holes if it occurs in the wood.

• To make it look shiny you can even use sandpapers, sanding sponges’ etc. you can apply good color paint on it to protect it.

• Use wet soft cloth for wiping the wall. And then leave it fore sometime until it becomes dry.

• Avoid using of nail or picture hangers because it may make your wood weak.

The discussion gives you ideas on how we can decorate our wooden floor and can make it look attractive.

To maintain the fresh look of your unique wooden flooring it is important to clean and polish it regularly. provides professional wood floor cleaning services at reasonable rates.

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