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How to prevent tile cracking

Tiles in a room are a major attraction not just in the aspect of looks but also in the aspect of safety and strength of the structure. If not laid properly it can create a lot of problems at home or any building. Perfectly laid tile gives a lasting impression to the structure.

cracked Tiles

While laying the tile there are chances that it can get cracks. Several methods are there to prevent this and the mechanics use it accordingly. The use of crack isolation membranes, like HydraFlex™, prevents tile from cracking over concrete that is been shrink after setting.

There should not be any gaps in between tiles while laying them down. The concrete solution poured on should be of the required consistency because if the water content is more then there are chances that the water travels through the concrete and settles unevenly. This creates disturbances under the tile surface and ignites cracks.

Another important factor we have to be careful to prevent cracking is eliminating the air bubbles in the concrete solution. If the tiles are laid on the uneven solution with plenty of air bubbles it is definitely going to crack.

Fix cracked Tiles

The tiles which are laid on a cracked slab or contracted joint or on a weak surface are bound to crack. It is essential to ensure that the surface is strong and clean with enough smoothness and finishing. There are some extra solutions which can be added in the concrete to prevent the tile cracking.

Less chemicals used, better for the tiles. Chemicals can harm the structure of the tiles and the excessive usage of which can lead to early cracking. The expansion joints are through-slab separations that allow the adjacent concrete edges to move freely from one another both horizontally and vertically. Expansion joints must continue through the tile work.

1) For better results we can take some precautions.

2) First put steel enforcement bars for slabs or pour concrete fiber solution before flooring.

3) Add two layers of underlayment on top of the subfloor for preventing tile cracks that result from bends or curves of the floor joists.

4) Use crack isolation membranes while laying the tiles.

5) Reinforce the subfloors of your older home to prevent tiles from cracking.

6) The grout should be of the exact proportion in order to lay tight.

After and Before

We should prevent it from extreme climatic condition if we want to keep the quality unshaken for a long term. Methods like painting it with metallic paint or tile and grout sealer. These will prevent water from seeping through the pores of the edges of the tiles. If the water goes inside there are more chances that the tiles can crack easily. Indoors or outdoors the tiles have to be painted with a tile and grout sealer so that further exposure will not harm it adversely.

One thing is apparent that if the tiles start cracking it hampers the structure of the building itself.

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