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How to Clean Your Carpet like a Professional

Carpets have always adorned our abodes, for reasons ranging from comfort, warmth to style. Whatever your reason may be, carpets are certain to constitute an indispensable portion of your life. It could be conveniently claimed that their significance has only augmented in the recent time. So, even a trivial amount of dirt is definite to sadden you. What about pile of dirt on your carpet? If cleaning of carpets is ignored, it will certainly affect their appearance and life. Moreover, the accumulation of dirt could consequence in adverse influence on your health. Perhaps, it is ideal time to clean your carpet. Most of us would love to perform this task in a professional manner similar to carpet cleaning Seattle services. However, most of us are clueless when it comes to carpet cleaning. Here, will discuss all the essential steps and methods to make your carpet feel and seem absolutely new.


Get The Area Uncluttered:

Yes, the most obvious strikes again. First, remove all the stuff from the targeted region. If you’re cleaning carpet in your living room, move your couch and other furniture. If you can’t move the heavy stuff, at least get rid of the smaller and lighter stuff. In this manner, you will acquire appropriate room for cleaning.

Hot Water Extraction:

One of the most recommended methodologies to clean carpet is definitely the Hot Water Extraction. The nature of this technique tends to be fairly simplistic in nature. As the name suggests, the entire process revolves around utilizing hot water to extract dust from the filthy carpet. Here, you need to spray hot water on the carpet, and then vacuum cleaner is employed to suck back water. A definite pause should be taken between both these steps. In this way, the accretion of dirt is certain to be eliminated. Hot water extraction is widely acclaimed for its effectiveness and simple nature. You must try this method for a clean and fresh-smelling carpet. Just remember to employ high vigilance while heating the water. In addition, ensure suitable ventilation for swift drying of wet carpet.

Hot water extraction is closely related to Steam Cleaning. It should be remembered that true steam cleaning does not involves usage of hot water. Alternatively, it heats up the water and employs the generated steam to clean the carpet. But, the widespread opinion regards both the methods as indistinguishable.

Carpet Cleaning Seattle

Shampoo Carpet Cleaner:

The name says it all! In this method, detergents are employed to clean the carpet. This method can be conveniently performed at home, with or without any professional help. Here, foam is applied to the carpet. In the end, the solution is obviously extracted from the carpet. In this manner, dirt is eliminated. Unfortunately, there are certain downsides to the method. After cleaning, the carpet could take painfully long time to dry off completely. A few years back, shampoo was amalgamated with coconut oil soil. It resulted in huge residue resulting in reclaiming of dirt. However, modern detergents have eradicated this problem. So, you don’t have to worry about any leftover after the cleaning process.

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Dry Compound method:

A fairly interesting method, it employs scattering of a bio-degradable compound over the carpet. Then, this compound is pushed into the carpet, where it attracts dust and other impurities. The final step involves a vacuum to gather this compound. The end result is a clean and dirt-free carpet. The show-stealer aspect of Dry Compound Cleaning would be absence of any residue. Even the carpet does not require drying after cleaning, which also saves a lot of your precious time. At home, you can employ your conventional vacuum for great results. However, for large commercial establishments, specifically-developed machines could perform the job more efficiently.

Seattle Carpet Cleaners

Seattle Carpet Cleaners

Encapsulation Cleaning:

A comparatively new entrant to the carpet cleaning domain, this method literally encloses dirt particles to clean carpets. Industry experts have already hailed this method as the next big thing in the market. It is true that simple vacuuming can conveniently abolish the mere existence of soil particles; however, the real trouble lies in oily and sticky soil. Encapsulation carpet cleaning is ideal to solve this trouble. Let’s cut to the chase, and get an in-depth analysis of the complete process.

The entire cleaning process revolves around polymer technology formulating crystals, which can capture dirt for convenient elimination. First, you need to apply cleaning solution is on the carpet. After drying, this solution forms crystals. In the end, vacuum cleaners will perform the chore, sucking off dust trapped in the crystals. It should be noted that these crystals are comparatively convenient to be absorbed by the vacuum cleaner. The method is quite straightforward, and is known to enhance the overall appearance of the carpet by leaps and bounds. If you carpet also appears dull and gray, we would like to recommend encapsulation carpet cleaning. The drying time tends to be speedy, making it appropriate for commercial establishments as well.

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Bonnet Cleaning:

If we talk about carpet cleaning, Bonnet cleaning is definite to make an appearance. Here, a cleaning solution is initially applied on to the targeted surface. Then, a rotary machine is made to move over the carpet. This machine comes with a removable pad or bonnet, which is responsible for cleaning out the carpet. This method is not dry in nature, but a trivial amount of water is required. You should keep the pad appropriately lubricant, which is essential to extract desired results.

Seattle Carpet Cleaners

So, we’ve covered numerous methods that will transform you in a complete carpet cleaning professional. Always remember to be vigilant while cleaning your carpet. This will ensure safety of both you and your carpet. If you are still unsure, call a professional for great results.

Author Bio:

Greg is the owner of Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning Seattle. His wide experience in the domain makes him an expert on matters related to cleaning of carpets, tiles, leather and floor. He is also highly enthusiastic about the employment of modern technology in the industry.

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