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How to choose a good quality rug?

Choosing the right kind of rug for your home can be a pretty intimidating yet exciting task. Rugs transform the décor of any room; therefore, they have to be chosen with a lot of care. Here are some tips to guide you through your journey of purchasing the right kind of rug that is value for your money.


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The first thing you have to keep in mind while purchasing a rug is what kind of fiber you prefer and also your budget for the rug. Rugs come in different kinds of fibers namely wool, synthetic, grass, jute, linen, silk, woven and even paper. Wool and silk rugs are of the highest quality and thus the most expensive as well. Synthetic, jute and grass rugs come for a relatively cheaper price. Experts say that while purchasing a rug concentrate more on what you see and how you feel rather than the size of your wallet. This is because sellers often sell rugs that are of low quality but at a high price. In such cases it is best to wait till you save up more money and then purchase a good quality rug from known sellers.


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When buying a rug, keep in mind that all good quality rugs are even and lie flat on the floor. The fiber or wool of the rug is shiny and radiant and the colors are not unbalanced or unequally shaded. Above all, make sure that the rug has certain sense of flamboyance, which proves that it’s been made with utmost care and skill. Another thing to consider is the frequency with which you change your rugs. Woolen rugs age beautifully and are more durable, which makes them a good choice for a one-time purchase.


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A good way to check the quality of the rug is to run a finger on the carpet. If you manage to pull out more than a small amount of fibers, then the strands of the carpet are too short and the rug will lose its shine and durability over the years. A good quality rug will have long fibers and will thus shed less. Rugs usually come in a plethora of densities, varying between 30 knots to 300 knots per inch. A decent quality rug with an affordable price would be anywhere near 150 knots. The more knotted a rug is the more dense and soft it is. However, do no confuse denseness with the thickness of the rug. Contrary to the famous misconception, a thick rug does not mean a higher quality. In fact, the best quality rugs are often the thinnest. However, if you plan to keep the rug where many people are going to step on it, it is best to buy a rug with a little volume.


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Lastly, make sure you do your homework before buying a rug. It is best to know things like size requirement, budget, color and quality beforehand in order to avoid any bad surprises.Keeping the rug clean is also important. To acquire professional help contact

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