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Can Dirty Carpets Cause a Disease? Read on to find out!

As a professional carpet cleaner, it surprises me to see the piles of dirt in carpets of my clients. Unsurprisingly, it is unhealthy and poses several risks to home owners. To my utter surprise, they seem completely oblivious to this breeding crisis in their homes or offices.

So, the carpets have dirt, micro organisms, dead cells, bugs, etc. The list is very long and provoking. In fact, it gives me a nervous breakdown to even think about the health hazards. Anyway, let’s discuss these health risks.

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Dead Cells on Your Carpets:

I know it sounds weird, but your carpets contain plenty of dead cells. Every average human hair sheds hair every single hour. So, there is bulk of dead cells on your carpets. So, you should clean carpets on a regular basis to clean dead cells.

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Pet Dander:

During my experience with numerous clients, pet dander is one of the most common impurities in carpets. It could be skin flakes, hair, or any other thing. Many homeowners own pets, and they may have to clean their carpets more often than others.

It should be noted that a dirty carpet may get asthma, allergies, or dozens of other diseases.

Dust Mites:

Dead cells attract dust mites, and pose some serious troubles. An estimated 100,000 mites can develop in mere 10 square kilometer of carpet area. They are not known to cause any particular disease, but you can develop allergic reactions through them. The symptoms comprises of cold, skin rashes, breathing problems, etc. If you have toddlers playing on carpets, you need to pay attention.

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There is a dire need to clean your carpets to keep dust mites away from your premises. Of course, you can call professional rug cleaners Seattle or rug cleaners Tacoma.


It is guessed that fungi are also commonplace in dirty carpets. I know that you strive to keep your carpets away from moisture. But, it is of no use. There is already moisture in your home’s environment. It may seep from your bathroom, kitchen, etc. It should be noted that this micro organism are notorious for releasing mycotoxins. So, you may get allergies from them.


I know it sounds hilarious but carpets area also contaminated by pollens, fecal matters, lead, and everything your shoes can bring with them. I am particularly alarmed of presence of pollens in my clients’ carpets. And the situation is alarming considering the casual approach towards carpet cleaning.

Remember that pollens are known to cause allergies. It is estimated that toddlers may suffer from increased elevated lead levels in their blood. So, it is no longer a matter of convenience. You must protect from little child from detrimental lead or pollen.


Molds develop in damp and warm regions. Carpets in basements are highly susceptible to development of molds. And dealing with mold is very difficult. A professional help is highly recommended. Molds are known to cause allergies.

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Trapped Pollutants:

Carpets can trap several pollutants that may affect your environment. It is unfortunate that our environment already contains several harmful toxins. Some of these toxins could be present in your carpet. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find out and eliminate such impurities.

Needless to say, regular vacuuming may not deal with such pollutants effectively. So, you will have to call a professional carpet cleaner to get the job done.

Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs are also found to occupy carpets to infect your premises. In fact, it is not uncommon to find out bugs in carpets. Regular cleaning is highly recommended to eliminate these blood sucking insects.

Fleas and Ticks:

Fleas are also part of the blood sucking insect community. They also found carpets a nice place to breed and increase their population. Hopefully, this is not the vase with your premises. You should not take the matter lightly. They need to be dealt with a strong hand.

Carpets Beetles:

Beetles are not dangerous, but they are one of your unwelcomed guests. In addition, they may devour the fiber of your carpets. I have also noticed that they are mischievous and may sneak into your kitchen or food storages.

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A significant proportion of our client base complains about insects thriving in their carpets. They find them a huge nuisance in their premises.

Bacteria and Viruses:

Bacteria and viruses also thrive in carpets. It is estimated that millions of such micro organisms are present in most carpets. Carpets are more prone to bacterial contamination than its wooden or tiled counterparts.

You don’t need a medical professional to know that bacteria and viruses could bring illness in your life. In an encouraging move, I have found residents at least aware of the crisis. I believe that people are slowly beginning to understand the importance of carpet cleaning to combat bacteria and viruses.

Different Chemicals in Your Carpets:

People smoking cigarettes leave nicotine in the environment. It is highly likely that nicotine will steadily get accumulated in your carpet as well. Apart from nicotine, many other chemicals are known to raid your carpets.

Even during manufacturing of carpets, many chemicals are used that may affect your health. Unfortunately, there is absence of convincing research on the matter. Still, initial studies prove the existence of disease-causing chemicals in carpets.

Is Vacuuming Enough to Clean Your Carpets?

Our entire human race has always shown clear sign of paranoia. Interestingly, we also vouch for maximum comfort in our life. Carpets provide comfort and warmth. So, it is difficult to even try to annihilate their existence. So, a sensible move would be keeping them clean and away from any harmful contaminants.

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Normally, people are content with vacuuming their carpets. Even shampooing is not sufficient. But, it can’t remove chemicals, pollutants or bugs from them. So, it makes a strong opinion in favor of professional carpet cleaning services.

Author Bio:

Greg is the owner of Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning Seattle. His wide experience in the domain makes him an expert on matters related to cleaning of carpets, tiles, leather and floor. He is also highly enthusiastic about the employment of modern technology in the industry.

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