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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Flooring

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Wooden flooring does not only look formal and elegant but it also has many advantages. Most important is that they are less expensive but at same time it also depends upon type and quality of wood you are choosing. They are durable in nature as compared to other floor coverings or floors made up of marbles. It looks real and genuine.

Other laminated floor makes noise and takes up too much time in cleaning it. A wooden floor takes less time and also gives a natural impression. One always feels a sense of comfort and welcoming in the home. Wood floors can easily be made to look new and fresh by sanding while in other types of floors it is quite complicated to do so. Other thing which makes people prefer wooden flooring is its long lasting nature. Proper selection of wood also helps in decorating a room in a rich way.

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Zebra wood, cherry wood are the types of wood used to make home formal and contemporary respectively. Especially cherry wood is good for decorating floors of kitchen because of its amazing texture. If you are like light color wood than you can opt for oak wood. Wood flooring keeps room warm which serves as a great advantage in winter season. It helps in creating a level of comfort and also leads in healthy as well as pleasant atmosphere. Timber is a wood famous for capturing and absorbing heat, therefore it can be widely accepted.

Other than the above mentioned advantages there are some disadvantages as well. Like if weather changes suddenly in drastically way then it may affect the wooden floor and can even make it uncomfortable. Special treatment is required to mend it. Another drawback is that it is porous in nature. Humidity also affects the wood. It makes it soft. It is so delicate that wearing high heels shoes can damage the floor. Although it has become very popular now days but it demands high maintenance. It requires more attention and maintenance than other types of flooring. It is costly if compared with ceramic and other cheaply available materials. If the area has direct contact with water like kitchen or wash room then selection of wood is not right. Hence, it is also a limit of wood flooring. Humidity can leads to rooting of wood easier. If substance like ink and other liquid items will fall in wood then it becomes hard to clean it. The reason behind this is its soaking tendency. Bacteria and harmful germs can easily make their home in between wood fibers which is harmful for indoor air.

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There are many advantages and disadvantages of using wood. If a wood floor makes a house look good and great while on the other hand it requires a lot of attention in maintaining it. Proper cleaner must be used to clean and proper selection of wood is also required to make a home wonderful. Selection of color of wood, type and quality of wood are some of the step involved in good decoration. Now it is up to a person to take advantage of wood flooring or not. provides the best wooden floor cleaning services. They will use state of the art equipments and specially formulated solutions to clean your wooden floors. Contact them today to know more about their services.

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