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Matching Rug With Home Decor

Rug must be of matching and should suit your home. Before purchasing one you should know the exact size of place where you are going to use it. It will look lovely if the color of rug will match the color of furniture. Take sample of color with you to make good choice.

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If you don’t want to put the rug in middle like a huge cake then it can be placed under furniture. There are several stores which offer placement of rugs. Even in the dining and living room the rug must coordinate with the furniture.

Dining room rugs are available in more patterns as compared to living room rugs. In your bedroom you can have two rug one big another just near to bed to give you comfort and warmth in winter. Even in kitchen you can choose rug complimenting your kitchen items. Rugs play an important role in making your home look elegant and smart.

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Light color rag can help in making a room look big and bright. While on other hand if it is for office purpose then can go for darker shades. Rugs give us warmth, color and add style. There are different types of rug available in market. There was time when rugs where availed only of woolen and cotton but now there are several types of rugs of different types of fiber. Talking about woolen rugs they go perfect with home and help to make a room look calm and warm.

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There are many advantage of wool rugs i.e. they are highly durable in nature. They are easy to maintain. They are master piece in itself if compared with other types of rug. Kilims, Dhurrie are types of woolen rug which go perfect with area of house which is busy area. If you want a warmer and soft rug then go for cotton rug. They are available in different shapes and sizes in market. There are different types of color also in market. So it is east to search matching color.

There are different types of work done on rugs to add a good number in decoration of house. Sometimes beautiful flowers are drawn while sometimes birds, animals are carved on rugs. You can also contrast the combination. Like with light color furniture like green or orange you can go for opposite color of rugs.

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Other than square shapes there are different shapes of rugs. If you are wishing to put a elegant rug under your oval tea table then you have wide variety of oval shapes carpet. And same of for square and rectangle shape of tables.

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All you need is a good knowledge and proper idea. Rug make a house look beautiful. For applying correct one you can take help of interior decorator or even from rug sellers. By selling rug they observe basic idea of how an where which rug will suit. Washing of rug should be done gently or send it to dry cleaners. Choose color which is appealing in nature so that your guests will love to come again and again. Another point to remember is that you should keep them clean. If they’ve gained a messy state, you can take assistance from rug cleaners Seattle services.


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