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How to decorate your child's room with kids tiles

The decoration of your child’s room depends upon your kids’ gender and personality. When it comes to interior designing the child’s room everyone wants to design them special and safe. There are some people who would love to have their kid’s rooms full of color, accessorized, modern, some people will go for various themed designs and then there are some people who prefer minimally designed room. At the end it all depends on space in the house and personal likes and dislikes of the inhabitants. Themes can go boring after sometime. One key piece of décor in child’s room can be the kids’ tiles.

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These days many designer and painted tiles are available. Add some colorful floor tiles and wall tiles in your kids’ room. You can go for small mosaic tiles with creative designs that kids will definitely love. If they are really young that is all the more better because they will love flashy and colorful tiles and you need not worry about changing them anytime soon.

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Kids’ colorful tiles are not very expensive as well. As compared to normal vitrified and ceramic painted tile terracotta tile costs a little more.

You can think beyond ceramics tiles. These days plenty of tiles in the form of leather, cork and wood are available for various surfaces. There are peel and stick carpet tiles. If you love the idea of patchwork get some bright patterned carpet tiles. Printed patterns mixed with different color solid tiles create an interest for tots when playing on the floor.

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It also has an added advantage if you move somewhere else you can take them with you and need not worry about the shape of your new nursery. You can use them in combination to give that unique look to your kids’ room. Rather than covering an entire wall or floor in colorful tile, parents are considering having just one section done; that pattern really look good. Just be sure the type of tile you are using matches with the rest of your tile flooring. Also keep the age of your kids and intended use of flooring in mind.

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Kid tiles are tiles with colorful paintings and sometimes carvings. The common types of painted tiles can be

• Laser printed

• Hand painted

• Hand carved and colored

• Machine carved

• Embossed

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You can create a great sense of confidence in your kid if you ask them to hand paint few tiles for their room themselves.

Few colorful tiles in kids’ room can make a substantial difference. You can ask your interior decorator to use them in floors and walls or sometimes as decorative tiles.

Maintenance Tips

Kids’ tiles can be durable if maintained well. Avoid putting very hot things on the tiles directly if it is a painted tile. Also they should not be exposed to very strong cleaning agents. They can be cleaned easily and are economical. If you face dearth of time, seek help of professional services. Such services are available in different towns, such as professional tile cleaning Seattle, New York, etc.

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