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8 Shocking Facts You Should Know Before Buying Kitchen Tiles

For any woman, the most important place in the home is the kitchen. So, there is no surprise that they try their best to adorn their kitchen. Unsurprisingly, market is flooded with different types of hobs, sinks, and flooring options.

Whenever we speak of flooring options, tiles are certain to be placed on the top of the list. Not just floors, tiles are fixed from floor to ceiling, creating a great effect. But, not all tiles are same. So, you need to understand some ground rules before choosing the right tiles for your home.


1. First a Word about Size of Tiles:

a) Kitchen floors

The size of tiles depends on the size of your kitchen. I won’t offer any technical specifications here. You should only try to manage a good flow in the place. For larger kitchens, big tiles will look best. In such places, tiles are used with no cuts.

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b) Kitchen walls

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Here, the selection of tiles relies on the specific region. Don’t get confused. If the area involves cupboards and working surfaces, smaller tiles would do the job in a better way. on the remaining regions, large tiles are appropriate.

2. What Colors are Appropriate for Kitchen Tiles?

Now, the choice depends on your personal preference. I personally prefer darker colors. But, individual choices may vary. In my view, you should also consider kitchen’s surroundings while picking up tiles. Fortunately, there is no dearth of options out there.

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Remember that the color of tiles could deeply impact the environment in your kitchen. For example, warm colors will bring warmth in your premises. Similarly, poor choices could ruin the beauty of your kitchen. So, be careful while shopping for tiles.

3. Will Tiles Become Extremely Cold in Winter?

Scientifically speaking, tiles have the power to retain heat. So, they don’t actually get extremely cold during winter. If you’re still concerned, there is a system called undertile heating system, which provides heat to tiles. Interestingly, the running costs are pretty low in this system. Some experts even claim it to be more efficient than radiators.

4. Will Kitchen Tiles Get Broken?

First, it should be noted that kitchen is one of the most used place in your premises. Countless hours are spent in kitchen. So, it is advisable to choose a hard wearing tile. One such great option would be porcelain tiles that also show resistance to scratches. I am saying that porcelain tiles are totally immune to scratches. But this form of tile is very good at hiding scratches.

Another great option would be natural stone tiles. Some popular stone tiles include marble, slate, etc. As a matter of fact, they are very popular among home owners. Apart from their robust nature, they offer a unique effect. Interestingly, many porcelain tiles are manufactured to appear like natural stones.

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5. Will Tiles Suit My Budget?

Some kitchen tiles tend to be expensive, particularly when you want customized tiles for your kitchen. There are several home improvement stores that would help you choose the right tiles. Anyway, you will never wish to exceed your budget.

6. Should I Check out Some Samples First?

You MUST check out some samples before picking up tiles for floors or walls of your kitchen. This will help you make a better decision. In my experience, buyer’s decision is heavily influenced by their peers. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in taking advice from your friends. But, it does not mean that you don’t use your wits.

In my view, you must try to evaluate the durability and appearance of tiles. Anyway, your tkitchen deserves the best products in the town.

7. How to Clean Them?

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Once tiles are installed, you can always call a professional tile cleaning Seattle services. In fact, there are numerous cleaning services available in every major town. For example, countless Seattle carpet cleaning services are available to treat your carpets.

Anyway, you can clean tiles without any professional help as well. In most cases, home owners can do the job effectively. However, for stubborn stains, a professional help is essential.

8. Should I Buy Different Tiles for Walls & Floor?

In my view, you should treat walls and floors differently. But I would add that this is only my personal opinion. Moving on, you should buy different tiles for walls and floors. Consult an expert for an better understanding of the topic.

Anyway, you can clean tiles without any professional help as well. In most cases, home owners can do the job effectively. However, for stubborn stains, a professional help is essential.

Final words:

Tiles are great when it comes to decorate kitchens, bathrooms, etc. However, you should certainly follow some precautions to get the best deal for your home. I would like to end by saying that your kitchen is not just a place for culinary. It is a place where you spend a huge part of your life. So, make it beautiful!

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